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Award Winning Lifestyle Medicine Community for qualified healthcare professionals and students

About Us

We bring together qualified healthcare professionals and students (medical / nursing / AHP) with a desire to master the basics of discussing nutrition and lifestyle medicine with their patients to share inspiration, practical experience, and challenges with each other. So that we can become more effective at activating patients towards better self-care and improve our own wellbeing.  

Nutritank CIC was founded by two NHS Junior Doctors Dr Ally Jaffee and Dr Iain Broadley (founded whilst medical students) who believed that nutrition and lifestyle medicine education in medical training was not adequate. They believed that they had a responsibility to their generation and future generations of doctors to make a change and that young people are in the ideal position to make that difference.

By working with medical schools, nutrition and dietetic organisations around the UK, Nutritank has evolved into an innovative information hub of food, nutrition and lifestyle medicine.

Originating at Bristol Medical School in 2017, Nutritank has achieved a growing momentum across the UK, from setting up over 15 Nutritank society branches at medical schools, to online and social media engagement and the curation of key projects on a local and national scale.

Nutritank’s university-based societies aim to promote the need for greater nutrition and lifestyle medicine training within medical education.

Nutritank’s team are part of an inter-professional working group tasked by the General Medical Council (GMC) to ensure more nutrition education is integrated within UK undergraduate medical school curricula.

In 2019, Nutritank formally formed a coalition with the organisations NNEdPro and Culinary Medicine UK who share the belief in promoting greater nutrition and lifestyle medicine in medical education.

Nutritank’s online community hub aims to further promote the message of nutrition and lifestyle medicine in medical education to qualified healthcare professionals and students ( medical / nursing / AHP).

What are the Benefits?

  • Access to community of like-minded healthcare professionals
  • Access to educational webinars delivered by world leading experts
  • Access to exclusive health and wellbeing discounts e.g. discounts to nutritious food brands
  • Be the first to hear about special offers and announcements e.g. CPD courses, conferences and competitions
  • Gain confidence in discussing self-care with patients, improve your clinical practice, provide better job satisfaction, continue your clinical education, gain tips and access resources that may help with your own health and wellbeing too!

50+ Hours of Educational Webinars

Gain instant access to 50+ hours of educational webinars delivered by world leading experts within their fields such as;

  • Dr Nilesh Satguru - Motivational Interviewing
  • Dr Jenna Macciochi - Immunity
  • Dr Venita Patel - Paediatrics
  • Dr Thivi Maruthappu - Dermatology
  • Dr Hussain Al-Zubaidi - Distilling lifestyle into a group clinic
  • Dr Rupy Aujla - Culinary Medicine U.K.
  • Dr David Unwin - Low Carb diets and Type 2 Diabetes remission
  • Dr Nitu Bajekal & Rohini Bajekal - Lifestyle medicine approach to teaching PCOS 
  • Dr Deepak Ravindran - Pain medicine and nutrition
  • Dr Alan Desmond - Diet, gut microbiome and bowel cancer risk
  • Kaitlin Colucci - Gut Health and IBS
  • Dr Zarrin Shaikh - Sleep and Cardiac Health
  • Emily Leeming - Diet and the Gut Microbiome
  • Dr Louisa Shovel -PREHAB a guide for patients to optimize their health pre-opertively
  • Prof. Felice Jacka & Tetyana Rocks - Nutritional Psychiatry 

It's not just the education...

By joining this active community you are contributing to this important work and becoming part of a campaign movement brining about real change to medical education and the healthcare system by championing greater nutrition and lifestyle medicine use for better patient care!

Plus discounts to some amazing partner brands!

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  • Minderful Mental Health App
  • HotPod Yoga
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  • Make a Medic 
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